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The Promise of Blooming II

150 drawings
Ball pen on paper, 6 x 15 cm

These drawings are part of a major project I started during the spring of 2018. It includes two series of 150 drawings each, plus an artist book printed in risograph I realised during an artist-in-residence fellowship at Bananafish Books in the summer of 2018 and that you can see here.

The Promise of Blooming is a research about improvised gardens elder people set up at the outdoor spaces of old neighbourhoods in Shanghai. During the two springs I have lived in the city, I have been walking through some of these areas in order to draw the plants their inhabitants take care of. Drawing is a portable medium that requieres almost no materials, so it is the ideal tool to explore and learn about phenomena that are unknown or fascinanting to me. Thanks to this exercise of observation and repetition, I have been able to study how life happens at its smallest scale in a 24-million-people city.






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