Militari is a working-class neighbourhood in Bucharest's midtown. Built in the 60´s, its architecture was designed according to the socialist thinking of the time.  

The lack of spaces where to enjoy outdoor life fuels the neighbours' inventiveness. The spontaneous creation of communal gardens is especially noteworthy, and it can be noticed elsewhere in Romania. Gardens are either in front or in the back of the buildings, in areas originally left undeveloped. Indoor gardens spread in staircases and landings as well. 

Usually, a neighbour is the self-appointed gardener of the community and is in charge of the maintenance tasks. An elder lady remembers when the tree in front of her window was planted. Back then, she was a child and had just moved in; today, the tree is higher than the building. 

With this (ongoing) project, I would like to document some examples of gardens in Militari using drawing and film photography.

> The Romanian Garden,
, film photography and drawing. Work in progress










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